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The Wildest Hunt

12 June 1958
Born in El Paso, Texas, in 1958, so that makes me 51, and proud of it. My parents were Canadian, and the older sibs were born there. I was the first one born in the states that made it; I have an older sister, Cherie Sue, who only lived for two hours. She was a redhead, I am not.

Moved to Salt Lake City in November of '79, which means I've been here a little over 30 years now. The politics can be scary but a repressive regime often makes for crazy marginalia. Which is to say that the sub-cultures in Utah rock.

I worked odd jobs--cleaned houses even--until I decided I wanted more, and went to university on the Planned Poverty Program. It was there I found out that I really was meant to be a writer. I mean, I hoped and hoped, but was told not to dream too much, be practical, etc, so I had pretty much given up. But I took a couple of writing classes anyway, and after the second one my prof said, "You realize, of course, that you're a writer?" And it was happy happy joy joy time. Of course, he followed that with "Your life is now ruined," but I didn't pay attention.

I went on to study for an MFA in Creative Writing, but did not finish it due to my funky health. I'm almost done--I will finish it someday. Or, if I score some $$$, I will go to a row res program--like Vermont--and get one there.

I write mostly contemporary fiction, but want to write fantasy--it's just so hard to write! Fantasy, I mean. I've read so many books I thought it would be easy, but it is not. Argh. I have published stories in Sudden Fiction Continues, The Mississippi Review, Hotel Amerika, The Way We live: Stories by Utah Women Authors, Quarterly West, and a few other magazines. I'm currently shopping a fantasy story around.

I'm working on a contemporary novel, that big autobiographical one that we all seem to need to write. Have 2 other novels on the back burner, both are fantasy. I can write beginnings and endings, but the middle just kills me. It's a lot like chess--the midgame is where it all happens. I tend to be more voice-driven than plot-driven, that's probably why.

I'm married with four sons--only one left at home. And he's 19 now, yay! Have an Aussie who is sweeter than sweet, and a black tri--very noble looking. But he's a goof, wouldn't you know it. Am married to a professor I met in school (it's not as sordid as it sounds--well, depends on who you ask), who was born in Nice. He teaches English and Creative Writing and Modernism. Go figure.

I live in a three story weird house--looks like a shotgun shack stood up on its end--but I love the place. We live in a nice old neighborhood where everyone knows each other.

Oh. And I'm the matriarch of this clan. God help me.